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About Us

Cromer Fencing Club is a brand new fencing club established in 2022 with the aim of making the Olympic sport of fencing accessible to everyone in North Norfolk.

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What are the benefits of fencing?

Healthy body and healthy mind alike.

Not only is fencing a fun form of exercise, but it uses different skills and muscles to other sports. Through experience, fencing clubs have often found they attract members who have felt disconnected with other sports. So please give us the chance to reconnect with youth and adults who have since believed that they 'weren't a sporty person'? And if you consider yourself sporty, why not take up a new challenge?

We also believe that fencing promotes so many positive values:

  • Determination - nobody fights harder than a fencer when the score is 14-14, one point away from victory!

  • Respect - fencers always salute their opponent and referee before a bout, without fail.

  • Discipline - fencers are always expected to behave themselves, being polite to their opponents and referees. Fencers quickly learn to lose well as anger and throwing equipment will get them into trouble very quickly!

  • Focus - during a bout, a fencer can't afford to lose focus and must wait for their time to strike. 

Dueling Fencers
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Fencing has given me the drive to be the best I can be with the ultimate goal being to fence for GB veterans. The journey so far has allowed me to visit many places across the UK, compete at the highest national level and have made great lifetime friends. I love fencing because it allows everyone who takes part to pursue their own goals at a pace they feel comfortable with.

Michael Naulls (38) fencing since 2012

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