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Cromer Fencing Club provides for any fencer from experienced fencers to complete novices wanting to take their first step into the sport.

We have our weekly club night open to experienced fencers for sparring and coaching.

We also run beginners' courses designed to introduce you to fencing. We will provide all the kit you will need. This means to attend you need little more than your generic sports kit and your water bottle.

Fencing is also great exercise as it uses a lot of different muscles, and you'll be surprised how tiring it can be. The short bursts of high intensity movement can really burn through calories. 

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Sessions on offer

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Cromer Sports Centre: Mondays

Experienced fencers

We now welcome fencers who have completed a beginners course for sparring from 6pm-8pm. All fencers must hold valid British Fencing membership (other than introduction or supporter). Monthly fees are as follows:

  • Adult (Mondays) - £20

  • Junior/Senior (Mondays) - £15

  • Cromer Academy Pupil (Friday only) - £10

  • Cromer Academy Pupil (Mondays AND Fridays) - £20

Fencing Mask

Cromer Sports Centre: Mondays

Suitable for those with no prior fencing experience up to a maximum experience of one year. This will be a coach-led class with all equipment provided. Open to fencers aged 13+ (with no upper age limit)

You will learn how to fence foil. We will cover all the basics of stance and footwork working our way up to understanding how to referee a bout and award points correctly.  

The course is 6 hours in total, held over 4 weeks, for £50 only. The first and third week of the course will be from 6pm-8pm. The second and fourth week of the course will be from 6pm-7pm.

  • Monday 8th January: 6-8pm

  • Monday 15th January: 6-7pm

  • Monday 22nd January: 6-8pm

  • Monday 29th January: 6-7pm

Beginner classes will be no more than 10 people. A typical session involves the following:

  • Warm-up to prepare ourselves

  • Footwork to make sure we're moving like fencers

  • Kit up and practice something from the previous week

  • Learn something new

  • Bouts to give you the freedom to make your own decisions and fight someone

To sign up, follow this link to the google form.

Fencing at School

Cromer Academy: After-school Club

Cromer Academy pupils only.

Extra training open to Cromer Academy pupils only who have completed a beginners course already. After school on Fridays from 2:40pm-4:30pm.

Pupils should speak to Mr Hewerdine for more details.

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