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What Would You Like to Know?

Is fencing safe? Won’t it hurt?

Fencing is one of the safest sports in the UK because fenders take safety seriously. All equipment is made to a high standard and regularly checked to ensure it continues to meet those safety standards. Metal swords naturally do leave bruises sometimes, but nothing major! We would like to hope the thrill of fencing will be worth that inconvenience. Initially the club is only using plastic equipment whilst we fundraise for metal equipment. 

Isn’t fencing just for posh people or millionaires? 

In the UK, people tend to believe the myth that fencing is elitist because you often find fencing at private schools and universities. It is the club’s belief that nobody should be priced out of an opportunity to try such an amazing sport. We want to make fencing as affordable and as accessible as possible!

Why are there multiple different swords? Isn't fencing just sword fighting?

Each fencing weapon has its own rules, style and historical background. Some fencers enjoy all three weapons, some fencers specialise in one particular weapon. It's a matter of what feels right for your style.

Is fencing a good way to exercise?

Definitely! Fencing has so many benefits to your physical health. It is great for coordination, agility, and endurance. It is also good for both your anaerobic and aerobic fitness given the combination of short bursts of high intensity movement as well as just keeping moving (and your opponent guessing!)

So I need to be super fit to take part?

On the contrary, fencers come in every shape, size, and age. At the end of the day, fencing should always be about having fun. Thinking competitively though, fencing teaches you quickly to never underestimate anybody. Tactical thinking will always best pure speed. For example, the late Connie Adam of Norfolk Fencing Club (who started fencing in 1988 at the age of 60) embarrassed many younger naïve opponents who, unaware of her veteran world championship experience, underestimated her phenomenal blade speed.

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